Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mahindra Xylo MUV: Complete user review (updated: 4 year warranty): Xylo vs. Innova in India car buy

Mahindra has been growing naturally and gradually along with India's growth since decades. A company, previously associated with tractors and jeeps catering to the rural segment, has now evolved into India's leading auto manufacturing company with products like the hugely successful Scorpio, India's highest selling SUV.

The Xylo was launched as the final product of Mahindra's project codenamed "Ingenio". The goal was simple, to build the ultimate MUV (Multi Utility Vehicle) for the Indian market with the best features, adequate power and at an extremely competent price. Now, talking about innovation in the Indian auto industry, the mainstream media has not talked about the Xylo as much as the Tata Nano. But all one has to do, is to take one look at the list of features in this car to realize that Xylo is an engineering marvel.

The Xylo sports the powerful 112 bhp mEagle, this very smooth, 2498 cc engine cruises from 0 to 60 in 5.8 secs. The dual pilot injection helps drivability of this vehicle in a major way. Slight body roll has been observed with the Xylo but it's really not an issue unless you like driving rashly through corners, something which is best avoided with any MUV.

Comfort & convenience is where the Xylo scores really big. The much-talked about flat-bed seats are extremely comfortable to rest in the car while someone else is driving. The tilt-steering and the ergonomically designed seats with 3-postion lumbar support are really good for long drives as proper back-support reduces those back-aches and switching drivers is not an issue. The foldable flight-trays, under-seat storage and the ambient lamps give a luxurious feel to the car and you wonder if you're really in a sub-10 lac vehicle! The two mobile charging points and the smart "anti-pinch" power windows are also a thoughtful addition.

The prime innovative features of the Xylo are showcased in the technology and safety features of the Xylo. The advanced Digital drive assist system shows the current speed, instantaneous mileage pattern, gear information pattern, internal & external temperature and humidity and the distance you can cover before you run out of fuel. These features are so incredible that once you get used to them, you get really dependent on them! It's something like the cell phone phenomenon; you can't go back to your 2001 cell phone, can you? This is one car that genuinely cares about its passengers it has ABS - so the wheels don't lock up, you don't lose steering control when you hit the brakes and it works like a charm on difficult/slippery surfaces. The engine immobilizer, as the name suggests, shuts the fuel supply is someone tries to steal your car using a fake key. The Intellipark reverse assist works beautifully as the vehicle starts beeping when it comes within 120 cms of any object. The tubeless tires and the warning system (for door-closing and seatbelts) are also handy features.

A lot of criticism has been aimed at the Xylo's looks, primarily at its tall body structure. I think it is a known fact that the longer a car is, higher the costs. So, if I want space (the prime purpose of an MUV) a short car is very uncomfortable and long cars are very expensive - also they don't fit 7-8 people. Why are SUVs so tall? Simple equation, Space=comfort. Xylo might not be the best looking car in the market, but it is the most comfortable, spacious and advanced car at its price besides the imposing grill with chrome slats and the angry look goes really well for a Mahindra car along with the smooth wrap around tail-lights showing its cooler side.

All in all, if you're looking for an advanced, powerful, spacious car and you don't have a very big budget, the Mahindra Xylo is the way to go! Mahindra has just started offering a 4 year warranty for those buying the Xylo till 31st October - a brilliant solution to all the maintenance cost headaches. They got 4000 bookings and sold 1788 units of Xylo in two weeks after the launch, I can only imagine the huge spike in demand because of this offer

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